Perfect Skin 2010

Many brands offer bright shades these days but my personal favourite is MAC for its daring tones. One rule to remember is not to be afraid of clashing, clashing is good! Pink blushed cheeks and orange lips anyone? Dare to be you.

BRIGHT EYED: Blocks of color is one of Spring/Summer key fashion trends for 2010.  wearing blocks of bright colours on your eye lids like pinks, greens, bright blues and yellows, reds oranges, cerise, purples are hot too.

BRIGHT COLOR: Be brave and go for it, keep one step ahead of the pack with the trend, Remember Blues, purples and greens look great on the eyes, oranges and yellows can be a little harder to wear but depends what colors you blend with them or what tones you use, match your season for this one or they’ll look great if you’re of a darker skin tone. If your not up for it then try a SHARP SLICK OF COLORED EYELINER.

full color

GIPSY GIRL: Tanned skin is a BIG trend for summer 2010. This year it is matte and ruddy brown. Nars makeup artist Ayako describes the look as “a gipsy girl who’s naturally weathered”. (Harper’s Bazaar Jan 09)

Exotic Gypsy


BLUSH: Blush fans rejoice – models were blushing at many 2009 runway shows! TIP Choose a MAC Mineralized blush try any shade of pink ,for a fresh look and lift for the face, apply along cheek obnes up into temples lightly- gorgeous without looking too over done and everyone will be doing a double take. Or just blush to your heart’s content, layering like in our blush section.

Summer Cheeks


Cheeks take color all the way

Color along Cheekbones up into temples

Love those  sky scrapers. MAC has recently released a new range of  skin tone ‘sculpting’ blushers that would be perfect for this.

DEWY SKIN: Another hot trend for summer

2010 is dewy borderline sweaty looking skin.

The idea to recreate this beautiful skin is,

the feeling you get from a Balmy Hot Summer Night!

Dewy sweaty skin

Dewy Skin


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