How to apply male Makeup

Hey guys, here are some simple guidelines in applying makeup, Once you learn the basics you can adjust your application to your style.

Wash, Shave, Tone and moisturize.

  1. To apply foundation start on your nose move your fingers up and outwards towards chin and hair line.
  2. Blending is important so it looks more natural.
  3. Apply concealer if needed, remember concealer covers what your foundation wont.
  4. Buff translucent powder with a big fluffy brush, all over face.
  5. Apply blush to enhance your cheeks, buff on apples for fresh look, along cheek bone for prominent bones or upwards under bone for a sculptured look.
  6. Apply pencil or brow color, shadow to your eyebrows to enhance the natural qualities.
  7. For definition to your eyes apply an eyeliner, place small dots of the pencil onto your lashline for subtle definition, with a cotton tip blend the dots together, this also helps to make lashes look thicker.
  8. To apply mascara, use the wand from the mascara, only on yourself. Work into the base of your lashes, and wiggle out to the lash tips, apply to both top and bottom lashes. For a natural look, use a cleaned mascara wand to take excess mascara clumps from lashes or if you really dont want to see any of the product, use a brown mascara.
  9. Keep it really natural, for a better result.


  1. Apply in a well lit room, if you don’t you run the risk of applying your makeup too heavy.
  2. Daytime makeup is applied more lightly than night time makeup.

3.   Blend everything well, your foundation your lash line your blush otherwise it                will look like you are wearing makeup

4.     At the end of the day, remove all traces of makeup. If your not sure what to                     use, take a look at the skin care blog see what products suit your skin type.                5.  If you have dark eyebrows you probably dont need to use brow products or                     any other products yuo personally dont need.                                                                        6. You dont always need to use every product available.


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