Can remember when you were up and at em,                                                                       when you looked great and had all your girlfriends to hang out with, plus all the time in the world for yourself, yes yourself can you remember that? before kids that is.

Well remember this, and keep it in your arsenal, A happy wife means a happy life! for dad and the kids.

To take ten years off of your look:

If you’ve fallen by the wayside, its time to take a stand, I’m serious if you dont you’ll be 60 before you know it, and look like —-. Thats right, Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea.

First thing get rid of that dowdy tracky, in fact only wear a tracksuit if you are going to the gym. Get yourself some cool jeans, some that are a comfortable fit as well and best of all look hot.

Get a modern hair cut, the right hair cut is one of your best anti aging secrets.

Don’t go to a local suburban salon pay a 100 bucks and expect to get the latest look to suit you, you’ll come out looking like you always have, that new look, it will never ever happen.

HAIR- Get some ideas from the internet or from hair magazines. Tip – look for calendar dates, so when you put in modern hair styles  you will see what’s happening now, not a picture from 1980 that says “modern hair style”.

Find a few style’s you like, take picture’s with you to a stylish fashionable salon, a salon that keeps a step ahead of what’s going on, probably in your city centre. Take a few pics because you may like some looks but with your hair type it might not work, get the ideas in pictures,show your stylist, find out what will work with your hair type. Layering  help’s focus on the eye your best feature.  Don’t underestimate what a new hairstyle can do to take years off your age. Work on your cut, your color and your style with the stylist then go for it. You’ll look fab and feel brand new. Everyone will notice the new you “WOW”. The initial cut and color might be pricy but the maintenance shouldn’t. If you get regular trims and maintain your color at home for a good few months then back to the salon every six months or so, you will keep on top of it.

SKIN- Take a look at your skin, does it look good ? does it feel good ? if you answer no to any of these questions, get onto skin types at http://www.makeupartbycarmelle.com and find out what type of skin you have, find out what you should use for your skin type, get the info – then go to a beautician and get some beautiful, relaxing, calming and nurturing skincare. Basically do your homework, always get a second opinion and research, because the worst thing is someone telling you what you should do, when you feel its not right for you, then it isn’t.

Dont waste money on superficial creams, manfacturers say will do this or that. No cream will take wrinkles away, no cream will tighten your loose skin. The real answer is  prevention rather than trying to fix the problem.

Wear sunscreens daily on your face, use Retin A before you go to bed, only available on prescription. Sunscreen will prevent sun damage and Retin A will remove the top layer of your skin. Our skin sheds naturally 28 to 40 days, as you get older, it takes a bit longer so  Retin A helps.

AGE SPOTS- are flat, dark brownish skin discolorations that appear on sun exposed skin. If you live in an hot environment, you should wear sunscreen all over your body, especially ears, hands and neck, these areas are exposed to the sun every minute you are outside. Age spots can also mask the early stages of skin cancer, so consult your doctor if you feel any spots are suspicious.

BAGS- under eye bags can be caused by sleepless nights, working long hours, too many champagnes or just hereditary. TIP – You can drain the excess fluid by inhaling Eucalyptus oil from a tissue, after a few minutes you will start to feel an unblocking feeling, pressing down onto the eye bags, then drawing down the sides of your neck over your glands, you will start to feel a draining sensation.
Concealers can be used but be careful, use a creamy one, if the one you have is heavy it will look dry and more obvious. Try an eye brightener instead this reflects light from under your eyes, brightening up the area.

TEETH- Drinking coffee, tea, cola or red wine, chances are that your teeth are showing stain’s, but now you can whiten your teeth at home. You can brush your teeth with Bi Carbonate soda removing stains, buy different strength whiteners available from your chemist or supermarket. Your dentist can whiten or you could get veneers, anything that suits your budget there is a way to give you back that sparkling white smile .

GLASSES – If you already wear glasses, chances are you’ll want to update your style, or if you need to get new glasses, you want to get a funky style, nothing too old fashion or mumsy. If you already wear glasses, chances are that you need to upgrade to a new style. Go to a high-end spectacle store where there are professionals who will match your lenses, shape and color of your frame to your face and skin tone.

BODY- Get yourself fitted with a new bra,  you’ll need to go to a department store to really be fitted properly, if you haven’t done so for a few years, its now time. They will fit you and the transformation in your body shape will amaze and impress you, your posture will change as well as giving you a more youthful appearance.
Keeping your body svelt by choosing foods for fuel, not for taste. As you age, you’ll find that your metabolism slows significantly and with menopause, it’s the reverse. As you age if your eating and exercise habits are not enough to keep the weight off, you might try eating less carbs. (check with your doctor first) carbs are energy and we need this but you could try to eat carbs only at breakfast and lunch with a mainly protein fueled dinner.
Get young stay young and be happy.

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