Top Searches does retin a take 10 years off your looks, body glue, how to glue feathers on the skin, hair makeup artist, beautiful skin

Quick Answers to these questions.
Retin A can over time take years off your face it is the only topical cream or ointment that will actually remove a fine layer of skin.
You should only use this at nighttime when asleep, let it do the work while you are resting. Dont ever wear Retin A on your skin while you are out and about in the sun or summer months, it could burn your skin. It also depends on the quantity per volume, Retin A if bought in a cream base is not going to do the job you want, if there is only a small percentage in the cream, really you need to see your Doctor and get a prescription for it in a more pure form.
BODY GLUE best glue to use is DUO eyelash glue or a product called Pros-aide found at professional makeup supply stores only, not at make up counters, but you will find DUO there. its easy to use and if you need to apply alot it does peel off but you can also apply baby oil-hold on dried glue for 60 seconds this helps to release the glue from skin, dont rub as it will cause skin to go red.
If the feather has a large quill then you might be better off cutting this part back a little first, apply a couple of drops of glue to the skin dot glue around area to be covered with fingers, apply the feather to the tacky glue. Done easy as.
To remove you’ll need baby oil to soak off the glue, check body glue info, other wise it will peel off but may leave skin red for a while.
BEAUTIFUL SKIN is life long, by looking after yourself, having great gene’s, eating well, minimal sun exposure, either morning or afternoon sun, never in the mid-day sun as this is when you are more likely to burn. Cleansing Toning Moisturising. Also find out more for your skin at PREPARATION- Cleans Tone Moisture and Pure Polished skin.


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