Glamour Makeup A Day at the Race’s Derby Day

Derby Day 2011 Makeup

Classic Black & White Fashion = Equestrian Styled Makeup.

Give Homage to the Beautiful “Elizabeth Taylor” with our modernized

“National Velvet” Look designed especially for Derby Day.                     

Derby Day makeup products

MAC Primer


Skin For a perfect finish you’ll need to prepare your skin, after your beauty routine and before you apply your foundation try the Makeup Store Base Prep, Nars primer or MAC prep & prime, or add moisture with Makeup Store, “Velvet Cream” if you’re outdoors all day you’ll also need a sunscreen, choose one to work under foundation, some prep & primes have it built in.

Foundations Choose a foundation with sunscreen giving a light application but a smooth satin velvety finish with even coverage. Try Armani, MAC, NARS or Makeup Store in a colour to match your skin tone.  

Brows Frame your face, so get a pro to groom or your makeup artist to fill in for those classic beautifully arched face framing brows.

Eye makeup Work out your eye shape, if your shape need’s correction apply colours accordingly. Light colours bring out areas, dark shadows hide areas. Usually you’ll want to bring out your eyelid and shade your socket line for shape and definition, unless you want a smoky eye or if you need to push back a protruding eyelid. Check out eye shapes on for loads more info, how to correct perceived imperfection’s.

Colors to try for this look.

Highlighting Colours – MAC “Bare Study” creme shadow all over the eyelid and brow bone.

Medium Colours –  Blend darker or lighter shades together for a PRO finish, try MAC paint pots in “Girl Friendly” or “Painterly”.

Darker Colours – Try Bobbie Brown “Chocolate”, “Mahogany” or MAC “smut”, to define and shape your eyes. Use shadows as eyeliner too, blended into lash line for a softer effect or use a Liquid Liner for a classic 50’s touch.

Cheeks – MAC Springsheen, Amberingrose, Mineralize in Petticoat or NARS creme blush stick or powder in Orgasm.



Lips – Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Velvet gloss lip pencil, NARS Lip Liner in Red / Orange get name. first apply pencil then velvet l

Hands & Feet – get a mani / pedicure, match your nail polish for a well groomed stylish look.

Nail Polish Butter in Marrow, Chanel Blue Satin OPI in

Sat 16th April Emirates Day Female classic race wear, Add some colour to your look as its lighter and less Glamorous than Derby Day.




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