LASHd Everyday Beautiful Eyes

LASHd Demi Lashes enhance your natural lash line.

LASHd lash kit $26.95 Includes one pair of Handmade Natural Reusable Demi lashes in Carbon Black, 1 tube cosmetic grade Lash adhesive, 1 mascara wand to apply and blend lashes together,1 set of instructions – how to apply – how to clean and how how to re-use, minimum 10 wears per pair if look after correctly.

The latest and greatest in Eyelash Wear of the 21st Century.

LASHd Everyday Beautiful Eyes

Nothing gives that wow factor to your eyes as quickly as a false lash, eyes are what people connect with and LASHd natural lashes, blend into your lashline giving a natural sweeping flick, in a dreamy uplifted look. The quickest and
easiest lashes to work with.
No trimming, no placement hazards, no hard work and they take less than 20 seconds to apply.
LASHd Directions
Hold lash, apply glue to stripe side, air dry glue so it’s tacky, not wet. Close eye and softly pull skin outwards, with glued lash in applicator, press onto skin, very close & parallel to lash line. Hold in place 15–20 seconds.
Dreamy Uplifted Beautiful Eyes. LASHd hand made natural eye lashes are the Greatest21-st Century Revolution in Longer, Thicker Natural Lashes you’ve all been waiting for. LASHd hand made natural lashes are the latest enhancement for your beautiful eyes.

No mascara needed for the day but for a Night, Rock Chic or a Party look use a luscious Black Mascara. Apply two pairs of LASHd natural lashes for more
nighttime defined drama.
Anywhere anytime youʼll love these lashes so much, its the new beauty enhancement that youʼll want to keep all to yourself.
LASHd Reusable Natural Lashes are hand crafted in Asia.



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