ABOUT: makeupartbycarmelle

I am a Makeup Artist living and working in Sydney Australia. You can visit my website  at http://www.makeupartbycarmelle.com There you can learn everything you need to know about makeup application.

A one-stop online make up lesson shop

Its all about makeup!

Its only about makeup!

Its about all types of makeup!

Had enough of flipping pages in a book or searching online for individual topics, Well at long last its here

Everything you need on the one convenient, interactive website. Just like a permanent DVD in your computer or mobile hand set but one thats constantly updated.

Instantly accessible whenever and wherever.


All information available in seconds.

Pick up tips and tricks in instantly.

for occasions from job interviews to that red-carpet special event.

Our models show how easy it really is to apply these techniques to yourself.

Find out what looks suit your face and eyes.

How to get an 1970s inspired  look.

How to use liquid slick eyeliner.

How to apply false lashes.


Learn fantastic techniques regardless of your experience

Starting with the Basics,

Move on to Preparation,

and then onto our Super Techniques section.

Bonus, for our extra personal advice check out our “Help Page” too.

To have the latest and greatest Get the Complete package regardless of your level of expertise, then work your way through the archives from the Basics to Hot Looks where you’ll find everything you need to know and more including priceless TIPS AND TRICKS!


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