Beautiful Bride


A bride’s look should be naturally fresh with clear skin, and most of all beautiful.

She must look and feel comfortable on her big day.


Apply a fresh foundation base on cleaned preped skin and lightly powder your T-zone so

that you donʼt look too shiny in photographs, especially in summer.

Look for a mineral based or very fine milled powder, as this wont look too heavy on the

skin, but will give a beautiful satin finish.

Matte foundation can sometimes look heavy, especially if the color chosen is

not the same as your actual skin tone. So match it perfectly, seeing it in natural daylight is

the best way to see colorʼs clearly on your skin.


# For fresh skin, you may need to touch up foundation once or twice yourself.

# A slight sheen on your skin looks more natural than a flat matte finish.

# Remember It’s all about how gorgeous your skin looks.


Use a concealer, eye primer or foundation base on your eye-lids, to neutralize any darker

skin tones.

This Gives you a clean base to work from.

Press eye-shadow colors into your foundationed skin, or use cream eye-shadows first,

pressing eye-shadow powderʼs on top.

Natural & Light, Shimmering Eyes.


Pressing colors into a damp base, can help color’s stay on longer and look as true to the

color in the pot.

If Blending colorʼs onto a damp base, you wont get a strong color, as you are brushing it

off as you apply it, this can also cause creasing of shadows with heat from your skin.

After you have pressed in color you can then blend edges for a professional finish.


Highlight the middle of the lid and the high point under the arch of the brow.  Giving you a

natural, socket line.

With a thin edged brush, wiggle a chocolate color close to your lash-line, giving defintion

to the eye and the Illusion of thicker lashes.


Evening Look, just add a bit more color.

Smudge an eye-shadow color on the outer third and in along your socket line, run it thru

the top and bottom lashes, a bit further in along the top lashes for balance and appeal.

Use deeper shades to add more depth to your lash line, for more definition.


New finely milled shimmer eye-shadows give you a sheer blended finish and look

fabuolous on the skin while older style shimmery or frosty pigments can look opaque, too

heavy and dated.


A natural looking waterproof mascara is essential for weddings. Use brown for less impact

and black for more definition, or mix colors as you apply each coat.

If applying lashes, youʼll need to bring false and natural lashes together with a final coat of

waterproof mascara.


To makes sure your lashes look natural choose a fine lash, slightly longer than your own

length for a pretty look or use fuller and longer lashes for more drama.

After your first coat of mascara, apply the false lashes, then apply a few more coats of

mascara to blend natural and false lashes together. Curl your lashes with a heated lash

curler to open up and get the Illusion of lift.


Curling after mascara makes lashes easier to curl as mascaraʼs have plastic polymers,

which when activated with heat will curl beautifully. See our Applying False Lashes video

for actual application.


Brows are important to your look. It is vital on this emotional and intense occasion, that

you get a professional to groom your brows making sure theyʼre tweezed individually

rather than waxing the entire brow, as you have no control of your shape after the wax has

hit the skin.

See Brow grooming video in the TECHNIQUES section.


Moist plump and kissable is the look for brides, a softer look with a glossy finish, always

looks fresh and beautiful. Line the lips and fill in with a natural pinkish brown pencil, for

shape and added staying power. Next apply lipstick in color of your choice then for

freshness cover with a transparent gloss.


Check that your chosen lip color looks beautiful and coordinates with that of bridesmaids,

and any others in your bridal party. As you can end up looking mismatched in-group

photographs, or if some have brighter or darker lips and you’ve gone for natural, you could

fade away.


A beautiful look for any bride is elegant with a flawless finish, new mineralʼs work well and

look stunning. Cheeks can be lit with a natural pinky or apricot sheen, by blending and

buffing in mineral powders or creamʼs in your favorite color tone, along the bone, for even

higher cheeks you can use a lighter creamy pearl on the very highpoint of your bone.



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