Body Glue

Makeup art by carmelle body glue, is extremely handy and easy to use, so you wont spill

or drip product ever again, it sticks various things easily to the skin like your diamenteʼs,

feathers and velvet for your velvet tattoos, which is also available thru our shop, to glitter

on the eyes.

Wallpaper Necklace

It is a water resistant medical grade body glue which does not contain latex. But still use

your common sense and be careful near the eyes and mouth.

To use you can apply a small amount to gem or feather and small amount to skin area, let

become dryish or tacky then press the gem or feather into the skin.

You can also paint this glue onto the skin in larger areas, wait till tacky then press on your

glitter or velvet.

The applicator is perfect for these applications, but if you need to use a brush, remember

the only thing that will ever remove any glue from hair bristle brushes is “Eucalyptus Oil”

If you do not clean a glued up brush with “Eucalyptus Oil” your brush is well and truly


Remove Body Glue with baby oil or alcohol.

When removing pour remover generously onto a cotton pad, then press onto skin where

glue remains, especially near the edges, hold this for at least a minute, it starts to break

down the glue which in turn makes it easier to remove, you can usually start to lift the

edges of the dried glue after about a minute. If you have applied glue to a large area of

skin you can push the drenched cotton pad up under remaining dried glue to start to lift it

off the skin.

Usually with dimentes or feather’s Body Glue deposits are so small that it just peels off but

if larger area. Take note above.

TIP– Dont try to rub glue off as the rubbing motion can irritate the skin more.


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