Correcting Eye-shapes using eye-shadow color’s.

Light color will be two shades lighter than your skin down to white.

Medium colors are not too dark, not too light, mid-toned on your skin.

Dark colors will be from two shades darker than your skin up to black.

Almond Eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Shade or highlight lid.

2. Darker shade in socket line.

3. Define rim with eyeliner.

4. The almond eye is the most desired shape.

5. This eye can wear any eye design

Deep Set Eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Light color on lid to bring out eyelid.

2. Create a false socket just above your

natural socket line.

3. Medium to darker tone in socket.

4. Make it higher than natural socket to

expose the lid not close it up.

5. Use thin eyeliner, too thick and it closes up eyelid.

Small Eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Highlight on lid and under eyebrow arch.

2. Apply med to darker color in crease

3. Concentrate on deeper shade on outer third of eye

4. Blend this in towards middle of eye along crease.

5. Use white pencil on inner rims of eye,

top and bottom to open up.

6. Emphasise outer corner with liner.

7. Groom eyebrows; keep on thinner side,

helps in not closing up eye area.

Hooded eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Line Lashes from inner eye extended

out to or just past outer corner.

2. Medium color just above natural crease,

to hide the hood or puffiness of the eye.

3. Use darker pencil on inner rims to set bulge back.

4. Soften pencil rim-liner with dark shadow

close to and along lash-line.

5. Keep close to lashes, as it’s only to

soften hard edge of pencil on rim.

6. Generous coat of mascara on top lashes. Curl lashes.

Close Set eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Highlight inner eye

2. Medium color middle of eye

3. Shade outer third of eye

4. Liner outer third top and bottom lashes

5. Mascara outer third of eye

6. This draws the eyes out.

Wide Set eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Medium to darker shade on inner

third of eye

2. Blending to medium lighter shade

on outer third of eye

3. Line inner corner of the lash line

top and bottom rim.

4. Mascara top and bottom inner lashes

Droopy Eyelids

Apply base coat or primer

1. Light shadow on inner eyelid.

2. Darker matte shadow on outer third,

where lid appears to droop.

3. Highlight under brow arch.

4. Line inner top rim only to iris,

don’t take past this as will still appear droop.

5. Apply mascara to top lashes

curl outer lashes up and open.

Turned Down eye

Apply base coat or primer

1. Start with liner along inner rim extend

thru to end of eye up and out flick.

2. Line the bottom lashes parallel to

top outer liner sweeping upwards.

3. Medium shadow over entire lid.

4. Contour the crease with darker shadow,

in same up outward fashion using

eye liner as the guide.

5. Be careful liner and crease do not meet

at outer edge, leave up and open.

6. Highlight brow arch.

7. Curl lashes with lots of mascara.

Mature or crepey eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1. Light color on lid.

2. Contour crease with cream based shadow,

it is easier to blend on mature skin.

3. Apply liner along top lash-line, becoming

thicker and extending up at outer corners.

4. Use a soft fluffy blending brush to blend

shadows into skin for an easier application.

5. Mascara on top lashes. Mascara on top only

gives the illusion of up open eyes.

6. Mascara and liner on bottom lash line can

make eyes appear down, sad or tired.

5. Eyebrow placement should be straight

up from side of nose.

6. If brows are out past this point it can

make eyes appear wider set.

Vanishing Eyelid

Apply base coat or primer

1. Light color over lid, lash line to brow.

2. Concentrate darker natural shades

just above the crease, use blending

brush for softer finish.

3. Liner should be a very fine line,

for definition only, not too thick,

as it will close the eye up.

4. Highlight under brow bone.

5. Apply mascara and curl lashes to give lift.

6. Youthful look to the eyes.

Asian Eyes

Apply base coat or primer

1.  Emphasise lash line both top and bottom.

2.  Creating a triangle effect giving more

depth at outer corners.

Tapering towards inner rim

3.  Deeper colors on outer corner

graduating in to lighter shades, on lid.

4.  How high up or how far in, you go depends

on the amount of exposed eye lid you have.

The gold is just for fun.


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