WOW mascara and lashes are out of the picture for a while.

Now its time to get in Line.

Eye Liners are back in full swing, Its not about  the mascara defining

the eyes anymore.

Its about Liners defining of your eyes, making them “POP”.

Smudged, smokey and soft or Fast flashy and flicked.

As seen on the runway winter 10/11.

Try this out for a soft smudged look,

Run a khol pencil across your waterline.

(TIP) if pencil wont stick and looks uneven on waterline ,

dip a small brush into a dark grey, navy chocolate eyeshadow and press in along the waterline.

Under your lash line use a smudge brush, with any soft colour of your choice.

Keep the rest of your makeup clean and simple, contour  cheeks, nude lips strong eyes.

For fast flashy and flicked. watch my eyeliner video under “Techniques”

on website.

For a Fab 60s look strengthen up the makeup, with swallow tail liner.


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