Think about it! how many of your friends or who do you know that wears red lipsticks, red  of any shade?                                                                                                                            Choose Red

Well wears the color well, at least.                                  Theres an old saying if a woman’s makeup is too over the top for her age or style.

” That her makeup arrives before she does”

Most women dont like to wear red lips,too strong, too shocking, too much. Well heres the way to find the red that suit’s you best.

We have so many reds on the market its hard to find which one suits our skin tone, first thing to decide on is,

1/Do you have pink tones or yellow tones to your skin.

2/If you have pink tones you can wear cherry reds which have a blue tone to the color,  this matches your coloring.If you have yellow tones  you can wear fire engine reds which have orange tones to the color and this matches your coloring.

3/ Price how much do you want to spend ? This is another big step so dont be stingy get a good quality product, think of it like this. If it lasts you six months and it cost you $35.00 its about .19c per day, that is not expensive.

4/ Don’t! I repeat Don’t! buy a lipstick from a market stall, they might be cheaper but they are usually last years colors or shades which will make you look older because the color is so last season, it will turn you off the idea of ever wearing red, ever, never to return.

5/ You have to get the latest color. Its a must! be modern not old fashioned. The latest and the greatest, every year the formula’s of lipstick are reinvented, which is why you want the latest, it will be the best in texture, pigment, feel and staying power. It will have it all.

So that’s the first step covered, how to choose your color, next step is how it works on your lip shape.   For example, do you have a thin top lip or is the width of your top lip smaller than the width of your bottom lip. Do you have full lips, do you have a double lip line. The main reason people dont wear red lipstick is because they  dont really like their own lip shape.shape your lips

The trick is to re draw your lip shape, not over drawn just help it along a bit. Shape your lips


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