Take a trip to your nearest mac store and try out there beautiful mineral hand milled blushes. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous

MAC Skin Finish Mineralize Blushes

Try Petticoat, Stereo Rose, Warm blend, Sun & Moon, Rhapsody in Two just to name a few.

Petticoat will give a glistening pink glow to your skin.

Stereo Rose will give a sexy apricot glint to your skin.

Warm blend will give a mocca bronzing effect.

Sun & Moon sparkles with apricot and pink blended together.

Rhapsody in Two gives soft golden pink shimmer.

The product in the picture, left hand corner, is Pearlette, Pearlizer sheer pigment.

Try Pearlette or Mineralize and you will find they are quite similar doing the same job.

Remember if you want a product from MAC and it has been discontinued or out of stock, don’t be upset, just because it says blush doesn’t mean you cant use elsewhere on the face like mixing it with a sheer gloss for lips or using it as an eyeshadow.


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