Get used to the idea MEN’S cosmetics are here to stay. Dont forget men wore cosmetics thousands and thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, your right when we see images of them now, it was not a good look, in our eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and hygiene and beauty were very important to the ancient Egyptians. It wasn’t solely a matter of looking good; hygiene was tied to their spirituality. When the Greeks and Romans arrived, the use of cosmetics among men, became very popular.

Today, more men are wearing cosmetics, what to look out for and to keep onto of your game.

Foundation, is an oil or waterbased product that covers your face. Most foundations for men are really light, only a tinted moisturiser. Foundation is used to reduce redness, uneven pigmentation in the skin, and blemishes. Many foundations contain an SPF, ( sunscreen), to protect your face from the sun.

Concealer is used for disguising imperfections such as birthmarks scars even tattoo’s. It has more pigment than a foundation and is used only on small areas.

Powder Men and powders dont really mix, I mean I dont know anyone that I have met have ever used powder, unless they are working in the flim, television or photographic industry. You can get minerized powders that add color, like a very light foundation. If your skin is really oily, you can use blotting papers which as their name suggests, blot the oil from your skin, you wont need to use or wear powders.

Blush Men do not need to use blush, its a chick thing. It adds color to your face and is applied to the cheeks is available in powders or creams.

Mascara Again its a chick thing, but if you were to use it, you would only use brown and as it should not clump and not have that made up look, after the first application you would brush over with a cleaned mascara wand to remove any clumps for a natural look.

Eye pencils Again CHICK ALERT, But it can be used on your eyebrows and as an eye-liner, for definition if you are fair haired, blonde, strawberry blonde, red haired or you just need to difine the lash-line. If you use eyeliner on your lash line you would apply dots  of liner along at the lash base, use a cotton tip to blend the dots along and into the lashes,  it is only to give definition, use for a natural look. If the line looks too thick, clean liner off into lashes so you dont notice the actual product.

Lip balms/serums, Remember you dont want to look like you have a lip product, but you could try to use one in winter or on extremely hot summer days, to keep your lips hydrated. Personally I do not like menthol ingredients used in some of these products as it tends to dry your lips out more with the menthol, causing you to re-apply far more frequently . Many lip products contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant and is nourishing for your lips. You will find some that also contain an SPF for sun protection especially when your at the beach.


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