Skin care is more important than just looking good, taking care of your skin, especially your face from an early age, can set you up with good looking skin for years to come.

In Winter or Summer your face is the first thing exposed to the elements, such as the cold winter wind, the hot sun, along with pollution, we know these can all be damaging to our skin. Skin care and grooming for men is a growing market and most men now realize they can slow this aging process with grooming products, all with not too much of a fuss. I also believe that men are lucky in the fact they do shave, as this removes the dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth. You may not agree because you say your skin is dry and tight after you shave. Use moisturiser which should counter act the dryness. If you look at older people, the difference between a 65 year old female and a 65 year old male is quite different, a women will have more wrinkles than the male because men are removing old skin cells by shaving. Do a little test, check out similarly aged people and see if you agree, with me.

Men’s skin is also about 20 % thicker than women’s skin, which is why mens needs are different. Check out different mens products online, you can even order online, so not have to go to the store, which is also a bonus. Prices will vary according to manufacturer.

Basic Skin Care for Men


Three quick steps to remember, for clean skin.

Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise


OILY SKIN 1 / wash with a mild astringent facial wash.

2 / remove wash with toner this tones the skin removes traces of oil.

3 / probably do not need a moisturiser, as natural oils do reform.

DRY SKIN 1 / wash with a creamy moisturising facial wash.

2 / do not need toner.

3 / use moisturiser daily.

NORMAL SKIN 1 / wash with a waterbased facial wash.

2 / no need for toner as it can dry the skin out.

3 / can use light water based moisturiser.


Depending on your skin type and the changes of season, It will start to register with you what you’ll need to use. If you need to change anything at all! Remember if you have Oily skin dont use oil based products if you have dry skin don’t use drying or toner’s that strip the oil’s from your skin. Your skin type will also change over your lifetime.

There are also facial scrubs which “deep clean” by cleaning our pores and exfoliating black heads blemishes and removing the dead skin.

The cosmetic industry divides skin into different types: dry, normal and oily. Realistically any other factor within the skin is not a skin type but a skin condition. Like combination and sensitive etc. Skin Types are influenced by emotion background, health, smoking, medication, and hormones.

After shave

Clean’s your face and tighten the pores. Some after shaves contain glycolic acid which comes from the sugar cane plant. Glycolic acid can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Other after shaves will hydrate and smooth the skin while others with anti-oxidants will protect skin from free radicals and cell damage. If you have dry skin you may not like to use an aftershave as it is similar to a toner.


Are especially good for Dry skin, alot of men do suffer with this condition, either from exposure to the elements, or over the years with the ageing process our skin becomes less elastic resulting in wrinkles and dryness. Moisturisers help keep skin elastic and with regular use skin becomes less prone to these conditions.

You really only need a basic cream, water based for oily skin and moisturising for dry skin. There is not a moisturiser or facial cream on the market that really can illiminate wrinkles, well to date at least. If you start using products in your 20’s you wont get many wrinkles, in the first place.

Eye cream

If you really on top of this you may want to indulge in an eye cream. Again if you want to prevent wrinkles this should help, but if you have wrinkles here nothing will remove them except the knife. Lets be realistic. The skin is thinner and prone to fine wrinkles and puffiness. Some eye creams can reduce that tired look. If you do decide to use an eye cream, be sure you apply with your fourth finger, this will ensure you do not apply too much pressure to the area, using other fingers can cause fine lines and wrinkles as you press and pull the skin.

A great trick of mine, to reduce puffiness is to, pour Eucalyptus Oil onto a tissue, inhale the vapor for a few minutes, put tissue down and apply pressure to your eyes with fingers, ( be careful you don’t get any oil into your eyes as it will sting )- hold for 30 seconds, run your fingers down the sides of your neck adding pressure over your glands, as you do this you will feel a release, acting like you are draining moisture. By inhaling Eucalyptus Oil it breaks down the blockage and releases the water held under the eyes, eye bags. Simple yet very effective.


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