If you are not the type to get a manicure from a beauty spa. Here are a few simple steps to maintain yourself at home.

Use a nail brush really gets the dirt from under your nails.

Lemon juice actually makes a good cleaner. Cut a lemon in half and twist each finger in it, cleaning each nail.

Trim nail’s to a comfortable length.Using a nail file, file any rough edges, make sure you file inward to the centre from the left side of the nail and inward to the centre from the right side of the nail. This helps nails from splitting as it smoothes the edge’s by filing in the same direction.

Cuticles which are at the base of your nail bed should be softened and pushed back, for a tidy groomed look. After a shower is a good time to do this when your hands are warm and skin is soft. Use a small rounded nail tool or get yourself an orange stick, from a nail spa.

If you really want to go the extra mile then you can buff the tops of your nails with an emery board that buffs and polishes and gives a slight shine to your nails.
Hangnails can be annoying and cause infection so treat them carefully. To remove a hangnail, soak your hand in a solution of olive oil and water, for 5 – 10 minutes, this softens and becomes easier to trim. Remember to use sterilized tools. Use a good anti-bacterial ointment for the infection, One I recommend is Chlorsig Eye Ointment. (available on prescription you can use this on a whole range of skin ailments even though its an eye ointment. Repeat a few times a day, till infection starts to recover, always keep it clean, I find its better to let the air get to it, so only bandage if working in a dirty environment.

Many men who work in a trade will have rough calloused hands that need to be softened, so every couple of days try an exfoliating scrub, You can buy a tube and keep it in your vanity in the bathroom, and when you remember use this instead of soap. Keeping your hands well moisturized is also very important to maintain healthy hands.


Either get yourself a manicure every other week or buy yourself a manicure kit and do it at your leisure. If you get at least one maincure to start with you will pick up on exactly how to do it properly. Try not to bite nails as it does look awful. Maintain with manicures.

Pedicures are also very important, after you’ve been in the shower for 5 minutes your skin will soften up, just follow the same simple steps for your hands, only with your feet use a pumice stone to “scuff n buff” off that rough dead skin on the heels and balls of your feet, your feet will love you for it! Groom toe nails as you would hands, and use moisturizer when desired.


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