Sheer Lips



Wearing sheer gloss on unbalanced lips works fine but if you want to wear lipsticks and lip pencils you’ll need to balance out an unbalanced mouth.

Darker and even lighter shades of lipstick make smaller lips look even smaller, so try mid-toned colors for beautiful, pouty lips.

To balance your lips you need to look at your mouth in four separate sections:

Top lip left and right, bottom lip left and right.

Make sure that each side of your top lip mirrors the other and that each side of the bottom lip also balances out.

For example, you could find one side of the top lip is thinner than the other side, so make the thinner side fuller to balance out the mouth.

Or, you could find one side of the bottom lip curves upwards but has a harder, straight edge on the other side. This can sometimes make lips look lopsided,  you’ll need to curve the straighter side to balance out the lips. (Curves make lips appear softer and sexier looking, sharp pointy lips can make people appear mean, yes it’s true.)

For a thin, top lip, full bottom lip. You will need to draw along your top lip line with a sharpened, nude-colored lip pencil, drawing just outside the natural line to balance with the bottom lip to give you a fuller mouth.

If your top lip is shorter in width than your bottom lip, you would draw from the outer corners of the mouth just above your natural lip line, drawing towards the centre and finishing where your newly-pencilled lip line meets your natural lip, somewhere along the top lip line, fill in your lips with pencil, add lipstick and gloss as desired.

If you have a double lip line with thin lips, you can draw with your lip pencil on the outside line for fullness but if you have full or really full lips, you can draw on the inside line and bring your foundation in towards the new lip line.

If you lip line disappears where it meets the skin, you can recreate line for definition, with your lip pencil.

Naturally-pointed bows can make your face appear harder, especially when you use a darker or lighter lip shade. If you are going for a 20s look this will be fine, but for a softer more sultry lip, you need to curve through the bows on the top lip, rounding off for a sexier mouth and fill in the centre of bow to make the top lip fuller.

All these tricks make your lips appear more balanced just by the way you apply your lip products. For a night-time, sexy pouty mouth,  use a lip pencil then lipstick top with  a glossy gloss.


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