Modern Twist on a Smoky Eye


metalic eyes

We all love a Smoky Eye and this season it’s about giving the most desired makeup look a young modern twist. Rework it with a metallic cream eye shadow as your base colour. Try gold, bronze, copper, teal even gun metal or any colour that is metalic.

To really rock this look, spot your metalic colour across your eyelids, then blend a matte smoky shade along the socket line, blending metalic and matte colours together creates the perfect modern look, still strong but with that flowing smoky softness created by the combination.

Using all metalic colours will give you a 70s look, but the matte shadow on socket line transports you right into the new millennium. Run the matte shade along the bottom lash line too, enhanicing that modern twist and to balance your eyes.

To create strength and make those eyes really “POP” run a dark shadow or liner along top and bottom waterline. To finish the look off, blast those lashes with loads of the blackest black mascara.

HOT TIP After you wiggle on your mascara, use a heated lash curler to really open up your smokin new look. Curl lashes after you appliy mascara – The heat of the curler and plastic polymers in the mascara work together to curl, curl, curl.




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