If your lashes are fine or sparse and they don’t define your beautiful eyes, making them pop. A really quick, way to make lashes appear blacker and thicker without sticking and clogging together from loads of mascara. The trick is to smudge a black shadow along the base of your lashes, you can use shadow or creme anything you like, just make sure it’s a fine smudged line.

TRICK – Use a liquid liner but instead of applying with the felt tip applicator supplied giving that usual strong flicked look. Run a small angle eye-shadow brush along the applicator tip, picking up some product, buff off excess color and the small amount left will be enough to give a blackened look and thicken up the base of your lashes, without being too harsh. Also remember to curl your lashes to open your eyes and really make them pop! Heated curlers are very easy especially after your mascara, mascara has plastic polimers in it’s formulation so this plastic is actually what curls.


Apply single false lashes, they really are longer and they show. To apply all you need is a good lash glue, Duo is one of the best available at most beauty counters. Apply into your lashline and set about three milimeters apart, this way they will sit and look more natural. TIP- You can apply from outer corner to inner corner or 3/4 the way inward along the lashline, dont go half way as they will look odd.

Finished Look, still looks natural but makes your eye's look prettier.

Both techniques are on our finished look.

Finding a trick to work for you is simple, decide on what you want to show off, send me a picture and I’ll create your new look. visit page


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